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Casino – The Little Brother of Constanța Casino

After the storm washed away the Kursaal, the second building was planned soon. It will have a stone foundation and 2 terraces facing the sea and the harbor . If you’ve ever been to the seaside, you may have seen the Aquarium on Queen Elizabeth Boulevard. This was the place chosen for Casin’s construction.

The casino in Constanța will have several gambling rooms, which will mostly host card games and a huge ballroom, where the latest outfits and dance moves will be displayed . It was decided that an even larger building was needed and so the project and mission to build a casino to rival the French Riviera were commissioned from Daniel Renard.

Romanian on his mother’s side and Swedish on his father’s side, D. Renard was born in Neamț and studied in Paris. He designed several hotels and buildings before trusting such a project, and his love for the nonconformist style called Art Nouveau is what made his work so appreciated.

The building would have a huge reception hall, interior stairs, several upper levels, an office for the building administrator, a permanent orchestra, several game rooms, a room for snooker, a ballroom and a performance hall . The wardrobe could be found on the ground floor, next to a reading room where you can read the local Online casino games 96Ace Malaysia and foreign press and a buffet with its own laboratory. Ladies and gentlemen, luxury has been redefined!

Constanța Casino – Golden Years

One year after the official opening, several tables were added and gambling was officially promoted internationally in Romania, despite local criticism . In a short time, Constanța Casino has become one of the most respected units of its kind, with a unique location and a superb architectural style.

The interior of the casino screams luxury and fine taste, starting with the refined furniture and incredible chandeliers. Of course, only the rich were left inside and it wasn’t long before players around the world began to enjoy long sessions of Black Sea games.

I called it the stone guard earlier because, although the casino was severely bombed in two world wars, it managed to save the lives of the wounded who took refuge inside. For some time, the Casino of Constanța has seen its brilliance and in 1934 D. Renard, the architect was called again for repairs.

And now, for the sad news: the last maintenance work performed on the beautiful unit was done in 1989 and if at this moment you are lost for words, we do not blame you


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